EMF Pollution and Parkinson’s Disease

I became electro-sensitive after exposure to neuro-toxins in mold in my home.  I believe that the EMF pollution in our homes and offices is also another over-looked piece of the puzzle — especially for anyone with neurological challenges.
I am just learning about dirty electricity and have ordered a meter to test it myself.  In short, avoid wireless routers, DECT cordless phones, cell phones, and test test test for dirty electricity and re-mediate.

The trauma piece of the detox puzzle is HUGE.   I recently started taking a series of classes – Trauma & Tension Relieving Exercise  http://traumaprevention.com.  They are helping enormously.
Your email confirmed what I was instinctively following. So often we try “everything” with disappointing results.  Both trauma release — and lessening EMF pollution — proved to be hidden keys for me.
I hope this information about EMF pollution may help others too.  

Thanks as always for your help.

I will soon announce an incredible guest who will be on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show who has done ground breaking research on the effects of Electromagnetic Pollution on persons who experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.  His revelations are changing the lives of many. many people. I will announce his name soon.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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