Misdiagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease

When Ron was diagnosed with essential tremor, the neurologist he saw said it was Parkinsons & so medications were prescribed that he has been taking ever since. A few months ago I decided to contact his old neurologist for a second opinion, as I didn’t like what the medications were doing to him & I wasn’t totally convinced it was Parkinson’s.

His doctor asked  that he be off his meds for 48 hours & at the first visit he said I stick by my original diagnosis of essential tremor, however I want to see you again after taking medication. He was nice enough to see him 4 times in a 25 hour period,(a couple of glasses of wine were part of his prescription after the second visit, since alcohol slows down an essential tremor). He wanted to be absolutely sure & at the final visit on the second day he was convinced it was essential tremor & parkinsonism.

He is off the medication that as the doctor says “dumbs you down” & is weaning off the leva dopa, carba dopa, as it helps a little, but not enough to continue. We are also upping his amount of CO10 & will continue supplements.

Our daughter was the first to notice the difference when he called to say we were home. She noted his voice was clearer & had more modulation in it.

I just thought I would pass this on as I understand misdiagnosis is not uncommon. I should have been listening to my intuition & only wish we had gone for that “second opinion” sooner.


Margaret & Ron

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