Relief from Parkinson’s Symptoms Through Better Hydration

A letter about recovering from the symptoms of Parkinson’s from Mary:

I am enjoying reading your new book [Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease:] and look forward to trying some new things for myself that are mentioned in there.

I  know that the dehydration thing is right on for me. I started drinking lots more water this past summer at my friend’s insistent urging. And it has really been so helpful.  I  already have the Aquas [] and will start doing those again in the morning and evening and see what happens.

I had remembered that in 6-08 and 12-08 after two surgeries  I had felt much better. I had thought that it could have a couple of things that made me feel better.  One was the O2 that I received during the surgeries. I have sleep apnea and having 02 might have made a difference. I also thought that it could have been the IV’s hydrating me.

Well I went into the hospital in Oct. 09 and stayed there for three days, recovering from  a kidney infection . I slept and rested for three days (admitted through ER with 104 degree fever) and had  an IV 24/7 all those days. What a difference!


Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery


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