Stress and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease


While I have wondered for the past 4 months whether the tremors I experienced might be the early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, seeing my family doctor today and having her refer me to a neurologist has finally given me the courage to read up on this horrible disease. Among other web pages, I found yours.

I would like to tell you that I believe you have a valid thought in suggesting that STRESS may be a reason for contracting the disease.

Almost a year ago I signed up for internet marketing coaching.  I set up a LLC and paid close to $ 15,000.00. It did not take long for me to realize that I had been badly scammed.  Still, having spent the money I wanted to give this my very best effort. This, on top of fighting with my recruiters and coaching company plus trying to stop these people from scamming other innocents and basically getting nowhere has brought on my symptoms.

I am a 71 year old female.  The reason I dared take on the online marketing was that I have always been super healthy.

Not anymore.



Thanks so much for giving me permission to post your story on the blog of how stress has been a major contributor to symptoms of Parkinsons that you currently experience.

People tell me over and over that when they are under stress, their symptoms flare. When they are stress free, their symptoms subside.  The correlation is profound.

The good news is that there are multitude of safe, noninvasive therapies that can help reduce the trauma and stress that you are experiencing in the moment.  The end result is often a set of symptoms which do not interfere with your life or which are entirely absent (until stress rears its ugly head again).

Know that there are many people who are on the road to recovery.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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