Questions About Parkinson’s Disease

I offered my thoughts on a variety of questions about Parkinson’s Disease during the Parkinsons Recovery Sunday Connections program last Sunday. The
program was recorded. To hear my responses to these questions and others click on the link below:

  • I have been very focused on heavy metal and liver detox/diet is 60 – 70 percent raw food – lots of greens. I feel my gait has improved but my left hand/arm tremor is getting worse. I take only LDN. Any thoughts?
  • How can I reduce and/or stop a hand tremor? Also, stop the tremor temporarily for several hours for a particular activity like ballroom dancing
  • I am thinking if introducing CBD’s in my regimen to address symptoms. Could you elaborate on the mechanism and use of CBD’s.
  • What is the best remedy for face muscle stiffness?
  • My husband has PD and is taking the low dose naltrexone (found out on your program and doing well with it. Also taking caridopa and pramipexole 3X day. He now has a poblem with drooling which is a really hard thing to face and deal with. Suggestions?
  • I will do anything possible to reverse my PD Please help
  • What do you know related to the use of Wellbutrin to optimize dopamine and the use of CBD ‘s to neutralize symptoms?

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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