Therapies for Day Time Sleepiness


Now that the event is over that there’s no way I could attend, could you please tell me what to use to change my white hair to its natural color? I have one of your books, but have not found it since we moved from NC to PA to be near family.

Is there anything I can give my husband that has Parkinsons something to help him from sleeping so much during the day?



For reversing my white hair (which continues to darken) I take four 500 mg of pantothenic acid which is Vitamin B5 and I also take Can-C Plus (which is an anti aging supplement). The Can-C Plus is used by people to expedite the reversal of cataracts who are using Can-C eye drops. Can-C Plus is an anti-aging supplement which infuses the body with more energy.

As for the sleeping problem – there is clearly a depletion of energy at the cellular level. The mitochondria are not generating enough energy.

Please be sure and listen to my radio show next week on Wednesday at 3:00 pm pacific time:

Or download the show archive after it has aired. My guest will be  Compounding Pharmacist and Nutritional Counselor  Randy Mentzer. Randy offers a fascinating discussion about what happened to him as he too faced a depletion of energy. In the course of telling his story, he discusses a number of remedies that helped him get a jump start back to health and wellness which will surely be of interest to you and your husband. At a the most basic level your husband’s cells are not getting enough oxygen or water.

Another consideration is the possibility that the medicines he is taking are causing the side effect of day time sleepiness. Check out the side effects of all the medicines he takes. You can always reduce a medication that causes sleepiness in consultation with his doctor. Alternatively his doctor might recommend an alternative treatment for a medication that may be causing him to sleep so much during the day.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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