Two Fantastic Parkinsons Recovery Radio Shows

Two Parkinsons Recovery radio shows you will want to hear.


I have been looking forward to my radio show interview this week with Bill Hubert and Dwight Roth for several months now. I am here to tell you that my expectations – while high – were all exceeded. If you are determined to grab hold of your recovery program which puts you in the drivers seat you need to listen to my radio show today. You will not be disappointed.

CBD for Parkinson’s

 Parkinsons Recovery Radio shows have covered an amazing variety of options that are helping people reverse Parkinson’s symptoms. Despite the many opportunities for recovery that have emerged over recent years, an obstacle to recovery is not having the energy and stamina it takes to even get started. When you feel “down and out” with little reserve of energy, it is not possible to pursue any of the great options that are helping other people recover their health.


My radio show last week covered an option that offers the opportunity to kick start any recovery initiative. Relief is temporary – as is the case with medications – but reports coming back are encouraging. This new option is CBD made from Hemp.

Do you need to kick start your own recovery program? Check out the replay of last week’s Parkinsons Recovery radio show to get the latest update about a natural option that is legal to purchase and use in all states and countries.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery


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