History Tells Us Muscular-Skeletal Problems Cause Parkinson’s

Muscular Skeletal Problems

Since Noel Batten overcame several serious health issues himself as a teenager and then became qualified as a natural practitioner, he dedicated his life to helping others overcome what he calls “muscular rigidity” disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and MS. His treatment is based on 3 findings documented by Dr. James Parkinson while treating patients and carrying out autopsies on Parkinson patients who passed away. These 3 facts can be found in Dr. Parkinson’s book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” and how to get this historic book, along with Noel’s explanation on these 3 facts can be obtained from Noel’s website www.ParkinsonsDiseaseCure.com

Noel has been treating Parkinson and MS patients with his unique approach, since 2005 and he has numerous “before” and “after” success videos on his website, of patients he has treated, some who have walked away from wheelchairs in a matter of only days.

Noel’s message to people listening to this interview, is that if you have any symptom attributed to Parkinson’s disease, for example: – stiffness, numbness or tremors, you will ultimately find that they are caused by some type of muscular-skeletal abnormality. Dr. James Parkinson explains in his book that the two most common abnormalities are problems at the C1 vertebra at the very base of the skull and spinal curvature.

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