Constipation and Parkinson’s

Follow-up Letter from Neita:

Pointers that I learned for myself after years of reading about mega doses of vitamins for healing, and then being a manager for a VitaminWorld store for several years, so I studied more: Acidophilus or Pro Biotics and/or papaya enzymes eaten after 2 protein meals a day helped a life long constipation problem, which I was able to pass on to my customers, helping lots of people.  The papaya is a digestive aid but it also works like a stool softner because the food is digested more properly.  You start off taking how many it says on the bottle and adjust for your needs.

I have also been into the self hypnosis for years so I can easily go deep with the new programs and it feels so good to relax so deeply.  When it is through, all the muscles in my shoulders and neck, which are so stiff, are relaxed and soft, which I forgot to explain in the other letter.  Amazing.

Thanks for helping unlearned people to open their minds.  Tell them they do not have to understand how these things work or believe they will, for them to work. They just do so just do it.

I also have been studying Reflexology for 30 years and doing a bit on myself for a few things at a time but not like I get now.  Also, a 30 minute treatment probably won’t give the results I got, so they need to look for one who really cares about people and works for their needs.  My first treatment was 2 hrs but the rest are about 1 hr and 15 min.  He works on the calves and arms and across the chest top(lympth glands), besides the feet and hands.  He is 70 years old. Hope his strength holds out as there is no one else here who would work like he does.

Guess you can tell I love to read and learn.



2 thoughts on “Constipation and Parkinson’s

  1. hi. i’m studying reflexology recently. i did it for MS patients. their tremor became better but i dont know how does it work.
    i would be glad if tell me.

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