What Do I Start?


“I have massive family issues, stress issues, and have pd and am 49.  Don’t know where to start”


I have thought for some years now that everyone has huge family issues that come in one form or another. Many people deny them. Others gut their way through them. I have done both myself.

I think the key is just to start anywhere with doing something for yourself. Doing anything will get you started on the road to recovery. For example, I do the weekly Parkinsons Recovery Radio Program every Thursday at 11:00 am pacific. You could listen in every week or listen to the replays. That is only one simple example you may not be able to do. Any act of commitment will get you off and running.

My feeling is – don’t ponder over the right thing to do. Anything will do.  Go to a funny movie perhaps, or a book, or exercise classes, or a new recipe or …

Many blessings to you.

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