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Parkinsons Recovery Summit


I’m going to be very attentive of your summit; unfortunately, I can’t attend it because I”m too far away from Vancouver and I don’t have the means to get there now but, as I stated before, I”ll keep an eye on it.



Sorry to hear you will be unable to attend the Parkinsons Recovery Summit. It promises to be an historic event. I will make every attempt to air some of what happens on future radio shows and put video clips here on the blog. It won’t be the same as being there – since there will be a wealth of resources and information at your finger tips for those able to attend.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Parkinsons Recovery Summit

The Summit on March 7th is shaping up to be an historic event. We have a number of health care practitioners who are volunteering their time to be present. Some are offering free consultations and services.

Come! Meet people on the road to recovery.  Get incredible ideas about what steps you can take for yourself to get well. Learn all about the cutting edge therapies that are making a difference to people on the road to recovery.

Yes – you will have to pay for travel to Portland, Oregon.  Yes – you will have to pay for a hotel room. Will it be worth it? Trust me on this. The unequivocal answer is

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Come if you are serious about getting well. Learn more and register here:

Although it is free, please do register so we will have a room large enough to hold everyone.


Symptoms Getting Worse – What Can I Do?


I have been suffering from PD for last four years (Started at the age 50). Currently I am on Apo_Pramipexold 3x1mg and Azilect 1x1mg. Tremor is under control and can walk easily but the problem I am facing now is that when I wake up its very difficult to get out of bed. I tried Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Massage therapy but situation is going to worsen day by day.

Any suggestion of exercise or home remedy may be welcomed

I Abbasi


My hunch is that movement will help the most right now – any movement be it dance, walking, swimming, weight lifting, forced exercise – you name it. Perhaps your physiotherapist might have some great recommendations on exercise that might help you in particular.

I received a call yesterday from a women who was diagnosed about the same time as you. She tells me she is doing great. No one would ever know she had Parkinsons given her symptoms are not evident to anyone.  How does she do it? She explains – exercise! The more the better.

My initial reaction is to suggest that you begin to move your body as often as possible – every day. Most of the therapies you have explored require passive participation on your part. Why not become more active?

What else might I recommend? The therapies you have considered so far represent a very small number of the natural and safe therapies you can consider in addition to the medications.  I have now documented 44 therapies that have given people currently experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s relief in one form or another. I discuss these many therapies in my book, Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease.

Parkinsons Recovery is sponsoring a Summit March 7th. Why not join us? You will hear directly from people stories about what they are doing to recover.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Creativity and Parkinson’s

Question :

Somewhere I remember reading that PD people sometimes become more artistic.  Can you point me towards any information about PD and the arts? I have to write a short bio of myself for a small, local gallery where they are showing some of my paintings, and I wanted to include a blurb about PD.



Yes indeed – the gift of symptoms associated with a diagnosis of  Parkinson’s Disease is that many people shift gears in their life as they become incredibly creative. In some cases this translates into artistic endeavors. Sounds like this has been your experience too!

Why does this happen? I suspect the body demands that mental (as well as physical) activity slow down several notches. The body demands that standard routines of the past are interrupted.

The question then turns on – what now? What do I do with my life now? With a little reflection, many people realize that they have not been pursuing their life’s passion. A creativity switch gets turned on. Off they go into the world of art or some creative endeavor of one type of another.

If you have art work – I would be delighted to post it on the blog if you would like! If you have a story you have written about yourself – I would be delighted to post that as well if you would like – with links to your work.

Finally – I am convening a Parkinson Recovery Summit Monday, March 7th, to be held in Vancouver Washington (15 minutes from Portland, Oregon airport).  It is a one day free event where everyone on the road to recovery will convene together as a group, connect and network. It would be the perfect place to display (and sell) your work perhaps? Jump Start to Wellness follows on March 8th and 9th for those interested.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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