Amino Acid Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

On Friday, January 5, 2018 my guest on Parkinsons Recovery Radio is Dr. Marty Hinz MD
who is internationally famous for developing a novel approach for treating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease known as amino acid therapy. Persons with Parkinsons treated with this therapy have recently reported (on the Parkinsons Recovery Holiday survey) that it has helped them.

Visit the following radio show page to hear the show at 12:00 noon pacific time.

Dr. Marty Hinz MD on Parkinsons Recovery Radio

14 thoughts on “Amino Acid Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Hi!
    I just listened the interview of dr.Marty Heinz about the amino acid therapy.It gave hope and seems to work but at the same time I felt discouraged because of the cost and the availability (only about 50 persons per year). Is there any other way to get access to this kind of amino acid therapy?

  2. Hi: I would contact Ross Stuart (the other guest on the show). He offers consultation services. I heard Marty Hinz say that he had trained over 600 physicians. I would also suggest you contact him to find a practitioner near you. He gave his phone number during the interview.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Parkinsons Recovery

  3. Been diagnosed with PD about five years.Could use a miracle like this.Live in Kirkland,Wa. 98033 send the doctor …Thank you

  4. Is there a doctor trained in the Marty Heinz approach to Parkinson’s Disease in the Central Ohio area? I live in Columbus, Ohio.

  5. Who is trained in this therapy in Vancouver , Wash area ? We are across the river from Portland Oregon.

  6. Is there a doctor who treats Parkinson’s using the Hinz protocol in the Tri cities or Walla Walla area?

  7. Is there a doctor who is trained and practices the Hinz protocol for Parkinsons in the MD suburbs of Washington DC?
    Did Dr Hinz train Dr Sultana of the True North clinic Pasadena CA?


  8. how can i find a doctor in the Washington DC metro area, who has been trained by Dr Marty Hinz?

  9. I wish I knew someone. The limitation is that there are not that many doctors who would meet this criteria.

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