Best Way to Hydrate the Body

My doctor is giving me amino acid therapy. He says that I have a lot of toxins that need to be removed. What is the best way to hydrate the body, especially if a persons has Parkinson’s Disease?

Best Way to Hydrate the Body

I have identified a surprising number of methods people with Parkinson’s Disease have used to detox their body. Most  involve putting something into the body to facilitate removal of the toxins. Realize that what needs to happen is the removal of harmful substances from the body.  You may not need to put anything extra into your body other than water.

As I mention in  my response below, Naturopath doctor John Coleman, author of Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’, is a man that reversed his own Parkinson’s symptoms who recommends people with  Parkinson’s symptoms take an Aqua Hydration Formula which is designed to help the body hydrate.  John is one of the Pioneers of Recovery who was featured in the first edition.

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