Brain Fitness Program – 50% Discount Until Tomorrow Only

I just learned that the Posit Science Corporation has a 50% discount off of their Brain Fitness Program which is good through Thursday, October 28th.They offer these discounts rarely and randomly. Enter the following coupon code to claim your 50% discount on the Brain Fitness Program: OCT199

Think Faster.Focus Better. Remember More. Posit Science brain fitness programs, clinically validated

The program consists of a disk which the company sends to you. You put the disk into your computer and presto – you are on your way to helping your neural networks create new pathways.  The program consists of 40 hours of exercises that challenge your neural networks to create new pathways.

I have no hesitation to recommend this program because it has a mountain of carefully crafted science behind it and there is a 90 day money back guarantee. If the program does not help – you get 100% of your money back. Regular price is $395. When you use the coupon on the shopping cart, the price is only $199.

Click on the link below to order. Again enter the code OCT199 on the shopping cart to claim your 50% discount. This program is well worth the price without the discount. With the discount, it is the bargain of the year.

Everyone in your family can use it. Your friends can use it. Your support group can use it.

Today is a good day to take action if you want to give your brain the nourishment it needs to remain healthy. People who are recovering take action. People who are feeling worse every week sit around and think about what they can do to feel better.

Think Faster.Focus Better. Remember More. Posit Science brain fitness programs, clinically validated

There are other programs listed on the link above. The 50% discount applies to the program titled “Brain Fitness Program” and to the Total Fitness Program which includes all of their brain exercises.

I just learned about the offer today. They come up quickly and they vanish quickly.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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