Can You Archive the Articles?


I have been subscribed to your newsletter since the end of July this year, and find the articles highly inspiring and helpful. I have not found a newsletter archive on, and wonder if you are planning to create one.

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.


My confession is that I have written material that is
scattered all over the place. Some of it appears
here. Much of it is posted on the Parkinsons Recovery
Newsletter.  Other material is posted on other

I do not have plans to archive the material I have
written for the newsletter. The material posted on
this blog ( 
is  automatically archived. I am currently 
assembling all of the material into a book which
I will release soon. 

Thanks for asking. I am so happy to learn the
informaton is helpful. Stay tuned for exciting
news to come!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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