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Is There Any Hope After the Medicines Stop Working?

My friend’s husband is 53 and has been living with Parkinsons for 12 years.  The medicine does not seem to work anymore. He now shakes the whole day where as before it was only once the medicine wore of.  

Is there any treatment that he can go for that will help him to live a normal life again?

Have you had any feedback on stem cell replacement therapy?




You just happened to send in your question at the perfect time for a full and complete response. Yes – there are many, many therapeutic possibilities that your friend’s husband could find that would be helpful now that the medicines are have stopped working.

Most people are familiar with the approach used in the specialty of western medicine. Help offered by prescription medicines has been useful to your friend’s husband for over a decade, but is now no longer working for him. He can celebrate the many years of relief he obtained from the medicines he has taken thanks to western medicine. Some people discover that the prescription medicines are only helpful for 2-3 years at best.

Now what? The good news is that the treatments offered by western medicine in the form of medicines and surgeries are only one among dozens of other treatment options and approaches. Recovery really hinges on broadening the perspective on recovery options and being willing to consider other treatment modalities.

Western medicine has been in existence for about 100 years. Many of the other specialties that offer profound relief to persons with Parkinson’s have been around for thousands of years and and proved true to the test of time.

You are likely wondering why the timing if your question is so perfect? I just released the new edition of Pioneers of Recovery which reports to stories of 11 amazing individuals who reversed their own symptoms.

I posted clips on the Pioneers of Recovery website from my radio shows of the 11 pioneers. You might suggest to your friend that she encourage her husband to listen to all 11 clips.  Pioneers are inspiring thousands of people to hop onto the road to recovery.

Visit the following website to hear the clips that will inspire anyone who currently experiences the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease:

Yes, stem cell therapy is one among many other options. I have posted a video here on the blog by Dr. Blanca Ramirez, Ph.D. who has had success using this therapy for people with Parkinson’s. Click on the “stem cell implants” category to the right of the page to bring up the video of her discussing stem cell therapy as an option. The video was posted on April 11, 2011.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Pioneers of Recovery

Finally. After months of writing and editing, the 2012 edition of Pioneers of Recovery is hot off the press. You will never again doubt that recovery is possible after seeing what the pioneers have done to reverse their own symptoms.

There are clips from each pioneer on the website.  You can not help but be inspired by the discoveries of these amazing people:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Is there a Cure for Parkinson’s?


The problem is that no one has been ‘cured’ of Parkinsons…I mean no one. Everyone talks about John Coleman but he is a Bowen therapist and uses his ‘cure’ to promote his practice and generate income and clients. You might be surprised to know that there are people who are angry with his promotions and advertising…a charlatan they say. Parkinsons happens in the brain…and no amount of therapy is going to fix that…perhaps stem cell therapy in time. But not the remedies that merely address and help control the symptoms. It’s best to be honest and upfront about this I think. Otherwise Robert, please compile a list of people who have been ‘cured’ of Parkinsons…apart from John Coleman…and distribute it and say what cured them.




Thanks so much for sending in your question. John Coleman himself  is very clear about not being “cured” himself. He is only symptom free.  I personally do not find value in hanging my own thinking on “curing” anything.  This is an idea which I discuss much more extensively in my forthcoming book, Road to Recovery.

I personally know John from attending a workshop that he gave four years ago. It was an excellent workshop with tons of information that was very helpful and useful. John works hard every day at being symptom free. As a naturopath doctor he has helped many people feel better. You can listen to my interview with him on my radio program which aired July 16, 2009 and judge for yourself.

I have encouraged John Coleman to document stories of people who have had “full” recoveries. I will continue to  encourage him again to document the stories for his clients who give permission.

As for your suggestion that I document stories of recovery – I totally agree with you. That is precisely what I have set my intention to do. At present I air interviews on the radio program with people who are feeling better to document what they are doing. I post e mails about recovery here on the blog. As an example, you can see a posting of an email here today who has a fascinating story about his recovery. All of my radio programs are archived, so you can listen to any program at any time. All of the blog entries here are also archived.

There are so many stories  out there and so many different programs and approaches that people adopt to get relief. The people I interview are not people who are “cured” to be sure. They are people who are leading full and complete lives. Most still have symptoms of one type of another but have found incredible ways to address them in one way or another.

I have been receiving reports from people who are doing a great deal better – with several days or a week or longer of being symptom free. I always ask if I can interview them, but sometimes the answer is no, not now, People want to wait and see if the good news holds.

As the news unfolds and I get more and more stories from people who are feeling a lot better I will compile them for my Pioneers of Recovery series.

Again, thanks for the suggestion. Your e mail encourages me to compile the next Pioneers of Recovery series that documents what people are doing to get relief from their symptoms. My work is to figure out what helps people feel better and document it all through the blogs, books and the radio program.

I sent John Coleman your questions and comments  above. He forwarded for posting the following thoughtful and informative response and has given me permission to post his response below.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Posted below is John Coleman’s response to John’s questions and comments which address questions about a  cure for Parkinson’s:

Dear John:

Thank you for initiating this discussion on what it means to become free from symptoms of a diagnosed incurable disorder. Whenever I enter into a discussion on any subject, I find that it is best to make sure that the information I am using is accurate and clearly stated. Therefore, I would like to correct several misapprehensions on your part.

1.    I have never claimed to be cured from any disease. I have never claimed to cure anybody. I have never claimed to have found a cure for Parkinson’s disease. So when you state that I “uses his ‘cure’ to promote his practice and generate income and clients” , and claimed to have cured others, you are deliberately misquoting all my published literature, my newspaper and radio interviews, and my websites.

2.    My professional qualifications are rather more extensive than you have claimed. I am a qualified naturopath (known as a Naturopathic Doctor in USA and  Naturopathic Physician in many European countries), having studied at two prominent Melbourne College’s – The Southern School of Natural Therapies and the Australian College of Naturopathic Medcine. I am accredited by all appropriate professional bodies, approved by the Australian government, accepted by professional insurance companies and many health insurance funds. I am also a qualified Bowen therapist, having qualified in basic Bowen therapy and Neurostructural Integration Technique. I also hold a certificate of massage.

3.    My charitable work within society is well documented. I received a Tattersall’s award for my work in founding Very Special Kids (a support group for families whose children face life-threatening disorders), a professional excellence award from the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association for community education (most offered without charge and/or at my expense), and was a finalist in the Pride Of Australia Medal Courage Awards in 2007 for my work with Very Special Kids and my recovery from Parkinson’s disease. All those in charge of presenting these awards are intelligent, professional people, and investigated my history and claims thoroughly before offering the awards.

4.    I have lectured to a number of conferences, including an international conference on Parkinson’s disease, and have conducted workshops for health professionals in several countries instructing them on my research into recovery from “incurable” disorders. Offering this information around the world has cost me many thousands of dollars of my own money.

5.    While there are many medical practitioners who find my ideas unacceptable, there are also a number of prominent neurologists who encourage their patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis to work with me

Now that we have brought some accuracy to the discussion, let me say that I agree totally with you that day is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, in fact there is no cure for any disease. We can, however, create an environment in which our body can become free from symptoms. That is the story of my recovery. I created an environment in and around my nerve cells that allows me to live a life with no symptoms of Parkinson’s disease or multi-system atrophy, providing I continue to be conscientious in taking care of my health.

You are correct that the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease originate in the brain. If you wish to educate your self more about this, you will do well to read “The Biology of Belief” (Prof. Bruce Lipton), “Saving Your Brain” (Dr. Jeff Victoroff), “When The Body Says No” (Dr. Gabor Maté), “The Brain That Changes Itself” (Dr. Norman Doidge). These books will give you a thorough grounding in the fairly basic science you need to understand this process. Once you have read these books, I am sure that you will understand that Western medicine can currently only offer temporary control of Parkinson’s symptoms, while my work is focused on addressing the cause of the symptoms. If you look into the process of stem cell research and development, you will also understand that the only change required to change a stem cell from its immature state into a cell producing dopamine is a change of environment (this is what they do in the laboratory at vast expense). This change is possible within our brain, and you will understand that this is the prime focus of all my work.

If you choose to read all my work with an open mind, you will see that Bowen therapy, while a useful and important therapy, constitutes only about 3% of the recovery process. There are some homeopathic remedies that support another 13%, but more than 80% of the recovery process comes from within the individual, the changes they are prepared to make to their life and attitude, and these changes cost little or nothing.

I am very grateful that you have given me this opportunity to clarify my position with regard to cure and recovery. You may also be interested to know that this work does not provide me with sufficient income to support a basic lifestyle. More than half my income is from the aged pension in Australia, with some money coming from my general naturopathic practice, and a little from helping people improve their life after diagnosis with Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis.

If I can ever gain a little funding, I will be glad to publish the stories of those who have fully recovered, those who have significantly improved their lives, and those who have cared for them. I am sure you understand that this will take time that I can ill afford while I am struggling to make a basic living.

I wish you all the best in finding ways to improve your health, and trust that you will be surrounded with love and joy in the days to come.

Best wishes

John Coleman ND

What Supplements Should I Take?




The challenge is that every one’s needs differs. That is a real bummer to be sure. I think the trick is to learn how to connect with your body. The body is giving us the information about what it needs, we just have to listen. The other key is to be very mindful of what we put into our body as fuel.

I record weekly meditations where I address the challenge of connecting with our bodies.  New meditations are posted on the membership site every weekday. ( contend that with a little practice and perseverance, we all can learn to listen to our bodies. When we listen, our bodies tell us what fuel they need.




We have had the same experience with clients we work with – they get a lot better and sometimes revert back to a previous level (not to the original level – but there are set backs). We are now working at the core level – looking at how certain seed thoughts actually drive the symptoms. I address the critical issue of thought forms in my new book Five Steps to Recovery (

Deborah now does quantum healings and is seeing remarkable successes, so this is very exciting. The root barrier to recovery turns out to be certain core thoughts that hang recovery up. Of course, the seed thoughts are usually unconscious which makes releasing them the trick of it all. The true healing comes with the restorative statements.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Parkinson’s Information


Is there any way to mail my father-in-law a newsletter (instead of email) to his home. He does not have email. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and is very eager to learn as much as he can about his condition.

He has no access to computers (he can’t even turn one on). I printed out as much as I can from different sites, but he still wants more.  If it is at all possible, he would be so happy and I would be once again his favorite daughter-in-law.

All the best,



I have two possibilities for your father-in-law to consider. First, I have published a print book, Pioneers of Recovery which he (or you) could order. You can order the print book or receive nine CD’s which are recordings of the interviews or even purchase an MP3 player that is loaded with the interviews. The publication company can give your father in law instructions on how to use the fully loaded MP3 player if he is interested in listening while he exercises or takes walks. There is a ton of helpful information in the Pioneers of Recovery interviews.

Information on Pioneers of Recovery is at:

If you decide to order the book or cds or MP3 player, enter the code word “pioneers” in the coupon code field on the shopping cart and you will receive a 25% discount on whatever is ordered.

I will publish my own book Road to Recovery out soon, but it is not currently available in print format.

I will talk with my support company to see if they are willing to mail out the newsletters. Maybe something can be set up. I know there are many other people in the same situation as your father in law.

There are many wonderful therapies that help. I hope he finds what he needs to start feeling a lot better soon.

All the best.

Robert Rodgers, PhD.
Parkinsons Recovery

What Pioneers of Recovery Have to Say about Their Own Recovery

I have a real treat for you on my radio program Thursday, May 28th, at 11:00 pacific time. I will play clips with some of my interviews with the Pioneers of Recovery. You will hear fascinating stories about what pioneers have to say about their own recoveries.

Listen to Parkinsons Recovery on Blog Talk Radio

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Patient with Parkinsons who is Doing Well


Hi there. I was wondering if you have
any information on a contact email to
get in touch with John Coleman ND,
who wrote the book “Stop Parkin’
and start Livin’.

I have a patient Diagnosed with Parkinson’s
and she is doing well but we have some
questions that I would like some clarification”


I have had two marvelous interviews with
John that are published in Pioneers of
which has just been released.
You can contact John through the e-mail
address below.

He is a wonderful resource. John is planning
a trip to the United States sometime this year.

John C Coleman ND
E-mail Address(es):

Robert Rodgers,, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery