COq10 and Parkinson’s Disease


Your voice is so familiar to me now after listening to you everyday – whether on Blog Talk Radio, or meditations, or memory exercises or any number of things! – that your voice has become a soothing sound to me. One of hope – that you care about my well-being. Thank you for all you have done are are doing for PD!!!

Just one question, what do you know about the effects of CoQ10 and vitamin E in PD? Is it considered a drug or a vitamin? Can you send me somewhere to get info?

Thank you!



Thanks for your kind words. They make my day. I am so happy to hear my voice helps to reduce stress.

I think of COq10 and vitamin E as food. Sometimes our body is deficient. Taking supplements can be very wise indeed.

Many doctors today recommend that their patients take COq10. Quite a few studies now show that it can help provide relief for symptoms of Parkinson’s.

The evidence on vitamin E is somewhat contradictory. Some studies show a large effect. Others don’t.

I find information on the internet by typing in very specific search terms like:

“What is the research evidence on COQ10 and Parkinson’s Disease”

Usually, the most helpful websites float to the top.

If your body needs either, you will know. Take it and you will feel better. Everyone will not feel better because everyone is not deficient in these two supplements. I have concluded that our bodies know the answer. Just ask the body and you will find our what is right for you.

I would suggest that you very carefully investigate a source of high quality COq10. If you do not get a high quality source, taking it will do you little good.

I found a source through Randy at Randy’s Compounding Pharmacy in Olympia (our own consultant in these matters). the source of CoQ 10 he found for us was awesome. I could not get enough of it, literally. In short, quality of the supplement makes a huge difference, so be sure and shop around before you make a purchase.

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