Dyskinesia and Parkinson’s


I have enjoyed your web site. I have been trying many new  things in order to feel better. I have decreased my PD meds tremendously.  My dyskinesias  are 90% better.

For now I wish to discontinue my membership.  Let me explain. I live in Central New York. This past winter was brutal, and  being stuck inside for what seemed forever, is how and why I found your web site.  Spring has come and gone – a very rainy one I might add.

Now summer is here. I’m feeling more like myself again.  My husband and I have started a  garden and we really enjoy working in the yard.  He just bought me a  bicycle and we are boaters. So to be perfectly honest I don’t have  time to sit in front of the computer.  I need to move and enjoy the  sunshine for the short amount of time we have it.  I will see you again next winter.

By the way I love your news letters. I hope those don’t stop.  Thank-
you for your support.




Thanks so much for sending me the exciting news about your recovery. Many people will be thrilled to learn your symptoms are better after trying new things. The best medicine anyone can give themselves is sunshine and exercise. They are both freely available in the summer. The more you get of both, the better you will feel. I cannot transmit sunshine through the website and it doesn’t do much for the exercise side of things!

I too lived in New York as a child and remember the long and challenging winters. The good news that after the long winter, summer is such a welcome gift.

If you get the chance, call in during any of my weekly radio programs and tell us all what you have been doing to feel better. It will be motivating for many people. The phone number [347-945-5358] always stays the same. The show airs 11:00 am pacific time every Thursday.

As for the free newsletters – the best is yet to come! Stay tuned.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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