Essential Oils and Parkinson’s

During my radio program this week Aromatherapist and Registered Nurse Jean Oswald tells us all about a new technique Gary Young started in 2008 called Neuroauricular (pronounced nor i cu lar) or NAT. This particular technique uses six essential oils and has been used with great success with persons who have the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

During my radio program this week Jean will refer to a video demonstrating the NAT technique on a man who has Parkinson’s. You can see the video in advance of the radio program by visiting the following Youtube web pages:

Part one:

Part two:

By clicking on the videos listed above you can see a woman using the technique on her husband. This particular essential oil technique uses 6 oils and can be done by the lay person as you can see on the videos. The man’s wife reports that she finally “has her husband back” now that she has been doing the NAT technique for about 2 and a half months.

Jean Oswald talks about what you see on the video on my radio program at 3:00 am pacific time. Wednesday, May 30th. If you miss the live program you can always listen to the program’s recording any time later by visiting the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Network. Jean Oswald is one of the persons I interviewed for my Pioneers of Recovery series and will also be a presenter at the 2012 Parkinsons Recovery Summit in June.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

3 thoughts on “Essential Oils and Parkinson’s

  1. I am researching essential oils for use in aiding Parkinsons and came across Jean Oswald talking about NAT–using 6 essential oils and has been used with great success. You refer to watching 2 youTube videos that show how to do the technique.

    The videos are not available any more. Any suggestions? The date on this was May 29, 2012.

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