Gait Disturbance

Gait Disturbance and the Critical Role of New Neural Pathways

I have concluded that after a decade of research, most people believe the way to correct gait disturbances is to keep close watch over the medications and supplements they take. Problems surface when medications (or supplements) no longer work. It is certainly logical to conclude that the problem centers on an issue with the type or dose of medicines.

I disagree with this conclusion.  Even when the underlying causes of a gait disturbance has been addressed and healed (such as clearing out toxins, releasing traumas and eliminating infections) a person is likely to continue to experience gait disturbances. But why is the so?

The body has slipped into some bad habits. The safe and effortless way to move has to be re-remembered. In this video, I highlight a brief clip that demonstrates what one rehabilitation clinic is doing to help the body “re-remember” how to move the right (and upright) way.

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