Golden Opportunity to Learn Voice Profiling

During my radio show on April 13, 2011, Sharry Edwards from Sound Health Options extended a very generous offer to make available the Parkinsons  software programs that are needed to do your own  profile analysis for a modest registration fee to Sound Health Options of $40.

I predict voice profiling will be the diagnostic tool of choice in the future. This offer is thus a golden opportunity for anyone who is motivated to learn how to do voice profiling.  Sharry explains that instead of getting someone else to perform expensive diagnostic tests to determine what is out of balance in your body, you can learn how to do voice profiles on yourself, your family members, your friends – whomever.

There are now a number of people who have been trained and certified to do voice profiling. You can certainly always employ someone else to do a voice profile for you. The advantage of learning how to do it yourself is that you can do regular analyses to determine what happens to be out of balance in the moment.

I have been learning how to do this myself. I will discuss the results of my own voice profile on the radio show today, June 1st. at 3pm pacific time.

During the show I will take you through the steps you will have to take to get yourself up and running to do voice profiling on yourself. Should you be interested in exploring this as an option? Listen to my radio show to decide whether this is an option you might want to pursue. You will have to decide now because Sharry’s offer will only be extended until June 15th.

Below is the link to the application. You can also call Sound health and enroll directly: 740-698-9119: Parkinsons Order Form.xlsx

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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