How to Create New Neural Pathways

The mission of Parkinsons Recovery is to form a community of people who are committed to their own recovery in their own way and their own time.

I well acknowledge that you have never heard of a program like Jump Start to Wellness. We have just created it. The novelty of the program has enormous benefits:

We all create new neural networks in our brains and bodies.

We all renew our neural pathways.

We all become smarter.

We all become more agile.

We all become more centered.

We all become more balanced.

Are you really serious about feeling better?  Join others on the road to recovery in San Diego.

Time is running out to claim your 50% discount off of the regular tuition of $295. Enter “jumpstartme”on the coupon code of the shopping cart to claim your discount today.  Bring a family member or friend for free.

Do you live in New York? Come.

Do you live in Florida? Come.

Do you live in Canada? Come

People came to our Jump Start to Wellness event from across the wide expanse of the United States and Canada last year.  Now is the time to call our travel agent Trucky Robertson to make your hotel and airline reservations.  Register today and get Trucky to help you with travel reservations. Click on the link below for details:
Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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