Hypnotherapy and Parkinson’s

I tried hypnotherapy about a year ago based on some other theories, but found everything in your broadcast consistent with what I learned.  With only a couple of low-cost sessions, I regained some abilities I had lost.  Whether this is solely attributable to hypnotherapy, I cannot prove (as I did some other things simultaneously, such as removing metalic dental amalgam), but I am satisfied that it has helped me control the “fear”-response (as your guest described what we otherwise call “stress”) better than in the past.  That is one of the beauties of this therapy. It is short term and does not require a great deal of effort to practice, but the results are sustainable.

Thanks for this program. It has helped confirm my belief that a great deal of PD symptoms are bio-emotional, or psycho-somatic, if you will.  When I take an enjoyable vacation, I have found my symptoms to be remarkably reduced, to the point where I require little or no medication for days on end.  Likewise, when I experience even mild emotional trauma (or fear of such), my symptoms present themselves regardless of any level of medication.  This is easy to miss in our modern feverish lifestyles, but it is often noted that whenever a PD person immerses or loses themselves in an enjoyable activity, they tend to “forget” their symptoms until they return once again to a “normal” state of mind.


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