I Never Saw It Coming

I never saw it coming.
My life’s been rearranged.
So altered, not original,
I’ll never be the same.

The breath I breathe reduced,
The functions that I had,
the limitations place on me,
sometimes, it makes me sad.

I struggle almost every day
to do those basic things.
Can never plan what I’ll do next,
not sure what next, life brings.

My heart still has the want to…
My head might misdirect,
but I get up, keep going.
My feelings I protect.

I’m not the kind to give up.
I’m not the kind to quit.
Sometimes, I’m very mobile.
Sometimes, I have to sit.

So, if your body’s healthy,
your mind is good and strong,
today’s the day, give life your all,
tomorrow, it could be gone.

Kenneth Allen Patrick

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