Join Parkinsons Recovery on the Cruise to Alaska

I hope you are planning on joining us on the seven day cruise to Alaska, of course the trip will be a vacation for us all. I figure you can not beat a price of $699 for seven days – all expenses covered.

We are also planning many exciting activities experiences or everyone:

  • Join Danny Loney (who is symptom free today) in his Tai Chi workshop.
  • Discover whether music medicine provides relief from your symptoms.
  • Explore the possibility that entanglements in your family system may be affecting your symptoms.
  • Experience multidimensional healing.
  • Learn about  detox methods that have been proven effective for people with Parkinson’s.
  • Hear my live meditations.
  • Experience the Smart Lounge to see whether it gives you relief from symptoms.

All of the workshops we will be offering on the cruise are free. Please consider joining us for what I know will be a transformative and a life changing experience.

The deadline to sign up at the highly discounted fare is this Thursday, February 12th.  If you act now, the vacation is only $100 a day.  You get to both have incredible fun and steer a steady course on the road to recovery.

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