Momentum of Recovery

There is a momentum to recovery. Once you launch on the road to recovery – it has an inertia of its own. When you begin to feel a little bit better each and every day – you want to continue to feel better.

This divine force is fed and nurtured by being in the presence of others who are also on the road to recovery. Each and every one of us need to be nourished by the voices of others who are making it happen for themselves.

I now – at this hour – in this time – and at this place – call out to everyone who has a passion …

  • to get better –
  • to feel better –
  • to recover –

to join with me and others at the Parkinsons Recovery Jump Start to Recovery annual program in San Diego.

Jump Start to Wellness is a time to connect with others who are embracing the call to manifest their destiny – to create a life for themselves and their family that is divinely inspired – a life lived to the fullest in a body that is coming back into perfect balance and harmony.

We all know that the voice of hope is the call to recovery.

Listen to the many voices of hope who will gather at one place and one time – in San Diego October 18th – 20th.

Click on the registration page to claim your 50% discount by entering “jumpstartme”on the coupon code field of the shopping cart.

Or, call toll free 1-877-526-4646 to register.

This special 50% discount opportunity expires on Friday, September 17th at midnight, as do the significantly  discounted  Parkinsons Recovery group rates at the Bahia Catamaban Resort Hotel in San Diego, California USA.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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