Music Reverses Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease Instantly

Hi Robert, some weeks ago  I sent you a mail telling you my method to improve my walking especially in ff times.  Here is a short video showing me first walking without the music – then  afterwards walking with music.

You can very well see in this video the result on my walking when I listen with concentration to  the music. I would love other PD persons having problems with walking to have the same possibility of walking much better and for a Long time. The music has to be very Rhythmik with about 105 Beats per minute on the Metronom.

There is no medicine that can make me walk immediately – so I ask myself why nobody prescribes the Radetzky March to me ……….

What do you think about the result ?



This amazing video speaks for itself! If you have any questions, Gerdi invites you to email her directly if you need more information about this natural, safe, fun and 100% effective solution :

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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One thought on “Music Reverses Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease Instantly

  1. Thank you for providing such important information and video to demonstrate it. The additional information about 105 beats a minute is very helpful. The particular march you identify can’t help but create joyful movements.

    There was a man on a video who demonstrated similar patterns at a large Parkinson’s meeting. He had all the folks at his session form a large parade inside the huge conference room. One thing pointed out was that when folks walked without the music, it was work. But when the music was on, they started to smile and enjoy the activity. I would love to get the reference for that demonstration.

    Another demonstration on video showed a man with Parkinson’s barely walking. Then, when music was started, he was a fluid and joyful dancer.

    The last comment is about music’s power with people who have demensia. Netflix has a documentary called, “Alive Inside.” It shows people who seem to be “out of it” become totally “with it” and suddenly very “alive” when music that they have identified as their favorate song was played. The comment was made that nursing homes were modeled after hospitals and only treatments considered medicine or therapy like physical or speech or occupational therapy can be reimbursed — not music therapy.

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