My Medications Are Not Working: What Do I Do Now?


I   have had Parkinson’s for about 4 years,     I am 72 years of age and up to now have had a bit of a struggle with the medication.  I could go into detail, but would it bore you?

I have not had a great deal of support from my Neurologist and in fact he reduced me to tears, so I wont see him, instead I rely totally on the Parkinson’s Nurse.  But, I feel i want aswers that I feel he wont be able to give me, as I expect the answer will be no, due to the NHS cut backs.

Such as, can I have a blood test to define my Parkinson’s and a scan to say how bad it is..and like how strong can one take the medapor before it is enough?  I was switched to Kalveto because the effect lasted longer.  It  did the first three weeks and then wham!  I became so stilff down my right side (this is the side which is more affected than the left side) abd agitated that I had to come off them.

Co-Benendopa 100/mg/25mg capsules and 50mg/12.5mg capsules are the tablets I am taking at the present time, but  they are wearing off before the 4 hours – so was changed over to Kalveto and then reversed after the effect it had on me.  I tried it again, the Kalveto, but again no good, so reverted to the Co-B tablets again.  But, they don’t last more than three hours now.

The second time with Kalveto decided to try and adjust the amount myself, but the second tim around with this drug it gave me the same difficulties, very stiff on my right side.   So have reverted to the first tablets.

My sleeping is approximately 3 hours a night only. And I have tried other tablets over the past four years.  But, this is where I am at at the moment.

I was wondering,should I be entitled to a blood test, or a scan or anything else to tell me how good or bad I am, and what can I do for myself.

I feel so useless, not knowing what to do next.

Can you give me any advice?

Yours sincerely,



First, person after person with Parkinsons on the road to recovery tell me it is extremely important to find health care practitioners that are trustworthy, professional and helpful. They need to be there for you. They need to be available to answer all of your question. If they are not, find someone else to be a member of your medical team.

Second, the general impression I get from reading your letter is that you have focused all of your attention and resources on prescription medications. It appears this plan is not working now, though it may have been helpful in the beginning. When a person begins to take more than one prescription medications, side effects and interactions can be very problematic. Where do you go from here?

I would recommend that you begin searching outside the option of taking prescription medications.  There is
certainly nothing wrong with this option but it is obviously not working for you.

There are a multitude of therapies – some thousands of years old – that people with Parkinsons say give them relief from their symptoms. Most therapies are natural, safe and offer the potential for improvement in your health on some level. I have  documented over 40 therapies in Road to Recovery that have helped people get well. There is a wide range of choices to consider from sound therapy to vibration therapy to herbal remedies to quantum healing to energy healing to biofeedback to Emotional Freedom Technique to …  The list goes on and on.

I would recommend that you find another health care provider – perhaps a naturopath or osteopath or an MD or a neurologist – who you can connect with. I also recommend that you listen to some of the Parkinsons Recovery radio shows that are archived. All downloads are free. You will find useful suggestions in virtually every show I have aired over the past two years. You can always listen to the radio shows live:


Call in with your questions. My guests are always happy to talk with people who call into the shows.

My guest this week is Sharry Edwards who is a national expert on using sound to heal chronic illness. My guest next week is Bobby who will talk about how he has become symptom free. My guests each week are amazing people who have incredible suggestions to offer.

There is no definitive test for Parkinson’s. MRI’s just rule out other causes. There is no blood test.  Instead of focusing on what is out of balance in your body – you might consider focusing on what is in balance. Be delightfully surprised to realize how many functions of the body are working well.

I am talking here about a transformation of thought forms. When we focus on what is wrong – we feed the illness with more energy. We give it food to digest. This makes the symptoms get worse. When we focus on what is right and strong – we get stronger inside and out.

The people who are recovering realize that they have to take responsibility for their own health. I believe in the end – when our bodies get out of balance – we have to take responsibility for ourselves.  In the end, we are really the only one who can figure out what is happening to us and how to heal it.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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