Options Presented at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit

People who have succeeded in reversing their symptoms and who have developed therapies that are helping people recover are offering workshops at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Cincinnati Saturday, June 23. Four of the 18 workshops are listed below.

If you are searching for options that have succeeded in helping others with Parkinsons symptoms reverse them, the Summit is indeed the happening of the year.



     8:00 – 9:30

  Suzanne Jonas

 Take Two CDs and Call Me
In the Morning

Experience healing sounds and learn how music and sound affects not just our emotions, but our physiology, mind and spirit.

8:00 – 9:30

Bianca Molle


One Stop Shopping for Healing

Join me as I share a bit of my
background and demonstrate
the qigong practices that healed me.

10:00 –11:30

Howard Shifke

    I Recovered from Parkinson’s
And You Can Too

I will explain what I did to develop
my Recipe for Recovery to recover
from Parkinson’s.

    10:00 –11:30

Cynthia Allen

$ 15

The Brain and Body Working     Together

The Feldenkrais Method® of
neuromuscular reeducation is
explained and demonstrated.

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