Parkinsons and Deep Brain Stimulation


I’m suffering from Parkinson since 97 & doctor has suggested DBS to be done. I find its very scary. Do you have any other option?



There are more than one hundred natural treatment options that have been reported to me that help people with the symptoms of Parkinsons get relief from their symptoms. Without any information about your particular situation, I do not know where to direct you. The variation in symptoms across persons with Parkinson’s is huge (which is why there are so many treatment options that have helped people).  

Take advantage of the information on the website ( Listen
to my weekly radio program at 11:00 am pacific time Thursdays. I talk about one modality or another that have helped people. Begin to experiment with what calls out to you. The people who get the  best relief typically use a combination of therapies. 

What will help you may not help another person, so forge ahead with your own investigation. Make some initial decisions about where to start. If whatever you try does not help, try something else. Having now interviewed many people, I can assure you that you will find a set of therapies and/or treatments that will provide you with relief.

I will be sure and put Deep Brain Stimulation on my list of topics to address on my weekly radio program.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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