How Many People Have Succeeded in Reversing Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms?

In numbers, how many, (+/- 10 to 100 if there are that many) have successfully managed overcome the malady of Parkinson’s disease?

I hear this question often. The mission of Parkinsons Recovery is to systematically document the cases of individuals who have successfully reversed the symptoms that are associated with a diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease.  I often sponsor guests on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio show who tell their own stories of recovery which are all unique and different. I have documented a number of these remarkable stories in two editions of Pioneers of Recovery. These are the cases of persons who have volunteered to make their stories public,

Rest assured I also hear from a number of people who have also succeeded in reversing their symptoms but wish not to make their stories public.

A reason that a count is not informative is that a surprising percentage of persons who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease have another imbalance in their body and so have been misdiagnosed.

In my own personal book of “counting” – knowing that just one person reversed their symptoms is all I need to hear. If they can do it – then I can do it if I am ever diagnosed with a chronic condition.

In the wash – it is the thought form that counts. I will manifest what I think. If I know in my mind, heart and body that I can reverse illness, it will happen. If I think it is not possible to heal, it will not happen.

Click on the purple arrow below to hear my answer which was given on last week’s Sunday Connections Program sponsored by Parkinsons Recovery.

Robert Rodgers, PhD
Five Steps to Recovery



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