Parkinson’s Disease Medications


Firstly, of course you are most welcome to  quote my letter as signed Robert W (London)

Secondly your book and Meditations are proving thoroughly uplifting and sustaining. Before I found your site were the Dark Ages but thanks to yourself I am on the Road to Recovery and the New Renaissance.

Thirdly I’ve been rather perturbed by reading two books by Janice Walton- Hadlock of By virtue of the similarity of site-name I Guess you must know of her.

My worry is that by putting myself on the Road to Recovery, obviously I am going to want to wean myself off the drugs that I’m on, as indeed John Coleman said he had done. But do I risk being  one of the unlucky minority for whom the cocaine-like addiction to the meds stirs in vengeance and smashes  back at me? I realize that you can’t act as a doctor advising on medicines, and also I’m sure that you are very watchful in not antagonizing the stealthy gods of the Pharmaceutical industry.

However it is a deep undiscussed issue which worries me enormously I hope you might be able to air somehow on your Radio show. Could you even invite Janice on to discuss the issue?

Robert W (London)


I have forwarded a request for Janice to be a guest on my radio show. I know she is very busy, but I hope she accepts. She has years and years of experience with this issue at her clinic.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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