Parkinsons Disease Symptoms


I wonder why some people can ingest so called toxins and never get Parkinson’s Disease, and other people like myself do.  It can’t be that simplistic. It has to be a combination many other factors.



I totally agree with you. There are a complicated set of factors at play which determine which people will experience more troubling symptoms.

We all ingest toxins every day – from the breaths we take to the food we eat to the toxic substances we put on our bodies as cleanses and washes. The body has a limited capacity to eliminate toxins. Only so many toxins can be discharged from our bodies in any given day. When the body gets too clogged with toxins, symptoms will present themselves for anyone.

I believe the symptoms of Parkinsons will present themselves for everyone whose system becomes “clogged up.” Everyone has experienced tremors at one time or another. Most people have felt a deep sense of depression. Everyone has experienced pain. Most people I know have been “frozen” in the sense that they are unable to take positive action. Most people have experienced balance problems at one time or another. Symptoms at any particular time may not be so problematic that a formal diagnosis of “parkinson’s” is offered, but symptoms nonetheless can present themselves for everyone from time to time.

When the body’s immune system, lymph system and elimination organs are healthy, the body releases toxins efficiently and expeditiously. When any of these systems are compromised, symptoms are likely to emerge.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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