Parkinson’s Medication, Treatment and Recovery


I would like to know more about the recovery program.

What products are available though your organization?

Do you recommend Zandopa? What homeopathic products can / should one use? I am considering the membership, but I am not so sure how beneficial it is. Your-e-mails are excellent, I love to read them. I live in Canada BC and I might not have access to any clinic which is similar than yours.

I really believe that my body can heal itself if I give it a chance – right support.


Thanks for your email inquiring about Parkinsons Recovery. As for membership, I recommend that you visit the website daily for a month and just see if the visits are helpful. 

 Logon to the website here:

username: recover
password: ready

Information is updated daily. The idea is that recovery is a process, so when you visit the website every day, you are setting the intention to get well. 

Parkinsons Recovery products are listed on the member website. Click on the picture of books. I am always adding new products every month. I just released a series of meditations which you can also hear on the member website by clicking on the meditation icons once you land on the member web site.

As for recommendations of medications, I have to roll over dead so to speak. I am not a medical doctor and so am not qualified to speak to that specific question. Rather, I am a researcher and can tell you a lot about what people do to get great relief from their symptoms. 

Be sure to read the side effects of any medications you take. Often what you may think are the symptoms of Parkinsons are actually the side effects of medications you are taking. That news is a relief to many people!

I am so happy to hear you find my newsletters helpful. Be sure to listen to the interviews and the teleseminars this month. Some awesome information is coming through. 

I do know that recovery requires patience and commitment. It happens for people who are determined to make it happen. 

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D. 
Parkinsons Recovery

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