Parkinsons Recovery Summit

The third Parkinsons Recovery Summit will convene in Santa Fe, New Mexico February 21-24. The kick off reception is on the evening of Thursday, February 21st. I am awed and honored by the incredible people who will be presenting options at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit that are helping more and more people reverse their Parkinson’s symptoms. I could have never predicted that the lineup in Santa Fe would be all of the researchers and people who have figured out what it takes to heal.

Because there are so many amazing people who will be presenting at the Summit, it is easy to become very overwhelmed with information. This is why I am hosting guests on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio show who will be presenting workshops or offering therapies or treatments of one type or another. I recently hosted:

  1. Johan Boswinkel who discusses using his new invention, biophton therapy using the Chiren, for persons with Parkinson’s symptoms. 
  2. Kristin Harper who discussed Nutritional Balancing.
  3. Jaclyn Gisburne who previewed her work using beta reset neurofeedback for persons with Parkinsons symptoms.
  4. John O’Dwyer who previewed his work using the Emotion Code for persons with Parkinson’s symptoms

Next week I will host Sharry Edwards live who will discuss her research findings using BioAcoustics for persons with Parkinson’s.  If you want to get a live assessment, call in during the show Wednesday. The show airs at 3:00 pm Pacific Time January 30th. The radio show page is:

Information about the 2013 Parkinsons Recovery summit is at:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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