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Below is a research proposal to do a rigorous evaluation of Aquas, a homeopathic remedy that was designed to address dehydration.  This effort is being energyzed by John Coleman, a naturopath doctor from Australia, who has advocated the use of Aquas for many years to address the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

If you are on the lookout for sound research projects to support, this research project is well worth considering.
Details follow.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

The neuro recovery foundation inc. has developed a partnership with Deakin University Integrative Health Research Unit and the Lewis Institute for Health and Wellbeing (Dr. Daniel Lewis) to undertake this ground-breaking research in reversing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. We need your help in obtaining funding for the research.


John C. Coleman, 03 9850 9048, 0437 771 406,


Parkinson’s disease is considered to be progressive, degenerative and irreversible. Yet a few people have reversed all their symptoms and become well. To all observable measures, they can be considered “recovered” or “in remission” – that is, they are free from symptoms, need no medication or ongoing treatment, and live normal, healthy lives.

The first person to recover was John Coleman, who developed his own protocol of activities and therapies to reverse his symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (stage IV on the Hoehn and Yahr scale, or 127/199 on the UPDR scale), and early stage Multi System Atrophy. Others using this protocol have reversed their symptoms equally or to a lesser degree, and continue to live healthier lives.

Central to the therapeutic section of this protocol are the Aqua Hydration Formulas, homeopathic remedies designed to hydrate the body at cellular level ( It is thought that the Aqua Hydration Formulas play a pivotal role in preparing the environment around nerve cells and cells producing dopamine, so allowing and enhancing repair and cell recovery.

The remedies have been shown, in clinical practice, to be safe to use in conjunction with all other medications – Western, Complementary, or traditional Chinese, and free from adverse effects.

This research is designed to show the degree to which the Aqua Hydration Formulas, when taken appropriately, will enhance the process of symptom reduction and health improvement by conducting a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Participants will be under the care of a Neurologist for definitely diagnosed Parkinson’s disease, and treated conservatively. The only change, during the study period of approximately nine months, will be the introduction of the Aqua Hydration Formulas or placebo at safe levels established in open clinical trials since 1998.

When efficacy is established, the information will be provided freely to all Parkinson’s disease patients, associations, support groups and therapists to assist in improving the quality of life for those living with this dreadful disorder.

There are approximately 6.5 million people with Parkinson’s disease worldwide – around 100,000 in Australia. Any therapy that can improve quality of life for patients, also improves life for family, friends and carers. This research has the potential to help many millions.


The Aqua Hydration Formulas were developed in Australia by Neuro-endocrinologist Dr. Jaroslav Boublik and Natural Therapist Leonie Hibbert. They were designed to assist athletes overcome hydration issues during elite sporting events.

The Aqua Hydration Formulas were first used in treating Parkinson’s disease in 1997 by John Coleman, after he had investigated their properties and felt they could help him improve his health. He discovered that he required tiny doses, rather than the amounts used by athletes. His health notes show improved health status after establishing appropriate dosage, and continuing improvement resulting in freedom from all symptoms by mid 1998.

Two years of clinical observation resulted in a well-established protocol for using the Aqua Hydration Formulas in conjunction with other activities and therapies. Over 2000 people around the world have used this protocol with varying degrees of success in conjunction with synergistic activities and therapies.

This research is designed to show the efficacy of the Aqua Hydration Formulas alone in reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, when used by people who are being treated conservatively for Parkinson’s disease.


The Neuro Recovery Foundation was established in 2002 to support those diagnosed with neurodegenerative or autoimmune disorders who wished to seek information and/or interaction outside established organisations focusing on Western medicine.

A prime aim was to support and/or establish research in Complementary Medicine that would assist patients to improve their quality of life and mitigate symptoms. The neuro recovery foundation has approached established Parkinson’s disease organisations for assistance in proceeding with this research, but has been rejected because it falls outside the parameters of current pharmaceutical and surgical research.

Therefore, the Foundation has formed a partnership with Deakin University Integrative Health Research Unit and the Lewis Institute for Health and Wellbeing, and has agreed to raise the funds required to conduct this research as quickly as possible.


Professor Sally Walker, Vice-Chancellor, says:

“Deakin University continues to move confidently towards its goal to improve the University’s research performance so that it is in the top third of the Australian higher education sector.

We are doing this by building a critical mass of researchers who will develop a distinctive, broad-based portfolio of high quality discovery, applied and commercial research.

Another central component to Deakin’s innovative work in health and wellbeing is the Clinical Research Facility, the first stage of which was launched in January, 2008. The CRF has been established to provide a much needed state-of-the-art space within the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences to support approximately one-third of the School’s research conducted in a clinical setting. It is a multipurpose area capable of supporting both discrete discipline and multidisciplinary activity. The proposed stage two of the research facilities will establish rehabilitation and exercise programming space to provide clinical opportunities for postgraduate students and staff.” (from Deakin University website, October 2009)


Dr Daniel Lewis, MBBS(Hons), FRACP, is an experienced rheumatologist (bone, joint and arthritis specialist) who integrates mainstream medicine with natural approaches to health and wellbeing.

He has a private specialist medical practice in Melbourne and has appointments at Monash Medical Centre, Monash University and Deakin University.

He is currently the Director of a musculo-skeletal and Pain Management Program at a Rehabilitation Hospital. He is a Past President of Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria.

He is co-director of the Deakin University Integrative Health Research Unit formed in 2007.

In addition, Daniel gives lectures, workshops on a range of medical subjects and has led retreats in Australia and overseas on various aspects of whole person care. He teaches meditation during the Lewis Institute’s More Than Meditation Course which is held regularly throughout the year.

Daniel’s passion is integrating balanced lifestyle practises into mainstream management of bone, joint and arthritis related illnesses.

The Lewis Institute for Health and Wellbeing evolved out of Daniel’s desire to provide a supportive and empowering educational network for individuals with long term arthritis- and other health-related illnesses and for those wishing to prevent illness.


Our Philosophy: There are many pathways to health and wellbeing. Understanding this and having a willingness to take the time to explore various paths contributes to wellbeing. Gaining knowledge, skills and life purpose provides access to personal wellbeing.

What Do We Do? In line with our purpose to enhance health and wellbeing, we provide

  • whole person education programmes to the public
  • education programmes for health care practitioners
  • Integrative medical services
  • a clinical research programme.

The people who lead our programmes are carefully selected for their expertise and education skills. They are from the disciplines of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Nutrition Science and Yoga.

  1. Our Medical Service is provided by Dr Daniel Lewis.
  2. Our Research Service is available to Companies, Universities and individuals who want to avail themselves of our expertise in the design and/ or conduct of scientifically-sound clinical trials.
  3. Our Disability Service is in association with Everycare. We provide access to information about and referral to this organisation.  Everycare specialises in computer programmes to assist individuals with severe disability in voice communication.


$35,000 to allow Deakin University to conduct a double blind study to establish the efficacy of the Aqua Hydration Formulas, and publish their findings through appropriate media. The Neuro Recovery Foundation has raised $13,00 so far from subscriptions and donations, but we URGENTLY need the balance ($22,000) to make this exciting research possible.


  • Tell your family, friends and business associates about the urgent need for this research
  • Broadcast our need to the public through the media
  • Guide us to businesses or funds who can provide us with financial support (or get them to call us)
  • Donate to our research fund. Every cent donated will be used for this research project. No administrative costs will be deducted.

Neuro recovery foundation is a registered charity and any donation over A$2 is tax deductible in Australia. Receipts will be provided on request.

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