QiGong for Parkinson’s Disease

Qigong Master Mingtong Gu will be leading workshops on his 2015 Northwest Tour: June 19 and 20 in Ashland, June 21 in Portland, and June 24-28 in Port Townsend.

Qigong employs gentle movement, sound, visualization and meditation that can be done by almost every age and ability. This In-Person workshop is offered only one time this year in the Northwest, giving students the rare opportunity to learn directly with Master Gu, who is skilled in Qigong for all health conditions, like stress, back pain, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue. Master Gu and two students who credit Wisdom Healing Qigong as their core Parkinson’s healing strategy have been interviewed on Parkinson’s Recovery Radio. Continuing Education Units are available for licensed practitioners.

For more info and to register:


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