Stress and Parkinson’s Disease

I am in England and have been reading your messages for a while and they are a great help to me. I was diagnosed last year but have steadfastly refused to accept anything other than that I am going to get better eventually.

I think my problem has been great stress over a long period of time starting with the way my mother treated me. I went to a dowser who suggested I needed to remodel the way my unconscious mind works. I have been having hypnotherapy for about 2 months but have not finished yet. However I already feel I am improving. It is difficult for me to assess because in the middle I decided I needed a kick start to make me feel better so I could build on something so  I have been taking Amantadine for about 6 weeks – I think I am still seeing gradual improvement. I also take various supplements. I haven’t yet asked my body what it needs but I will be putting it to the test.

Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for all the e-mails – I look forward to them.


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