Parkinsons Recovery Symptom Tracker

I created a method anyone can use for free to track their symptoms over time that I call Symptom Tracker. Once you set a baseline for the state of your symptoms – which you can do today – you can update your profile and see precisely how you are progressing over time. I recommend that you update your profile every month so that you can get a clear record of your progress over time.

Parkinsons Recovery Symptom Tracker is a valuable resource which makes is easy to celebrate your victories and focus your attention on any areas that may warrant a little extra tender loving care. You can print out your profiles and bring them to your doctor to use as a basis of discussion and evaluation.

I learned a very important lesson several years ago. Most people – including myself – are unable to track the state of our health.So you ask me how am I feeling today relative to last year? My answer is I do not have a clue. I do not remember how I was feeling one year ago.

I have discovered that most people who are exhibiting dramatic improvements in their health do not realize or acknowledge the incredible progress they have made. The tendency is to forget about all of those symptoms that were in your face last month which have happily vanished this month. The mind seems better able to focus attention on whatever symptoms happen to be in your face in the moment and to dis-remember the challenges you confronted last month.

It is easy to get discouraged if you think nothing you are doing is helping. If you are always focusing on what is wrong – you give yourself no opportunity to celebrate the progress you are making.

I invite you to make a habit of tracking your symptoms. Once you learn how the program works, it will take 10 minutes at most to update your profile each month. Parkinsons Recovery Symptom Tracker is one of the many free services that are supported by Parkinsons Recovery. Please take advantage of it. You will find it to be a valuable resource and guide.

The 10 minute video below explains precisely how you register for the Parkinsons Recovery Symptom Tracker and begin tracking your recovery progress.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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