What Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease Offers the Biggest Return?

While I accept that some persons are able to reverse or eliminate Parkinson’s Disease ├é┬ásymptoms, given the diversity of methods and individual physiology, do you have a sense of any priority one might give when trying various methods?

Treatment 0f Parkinson’s Disease

Click on the purple arrow below for my response to this question which was asked on the Sunday Connections program sponsored by Parkinsons Recovery.

Since stress is a primary predictor of symptoms, any therapy or method that helps to reduce stress will offer the promise of relief from symptoms. I recently developed a Mindfulness Program specifically for persons who currently experience Parkinson’s symptoms. The intention of this approach is to facilitate the intention to live in the moment and thus reduce the stresses of every day living.

Visit www.stress.parkinsonsrecovery.com for more information on this particular approach that I tailored for persons who presently experience Parkinson’s symptoms.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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