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Are you familiar with the work being done in Santa Cruz, CA (PD Recovery Project), and do you have any information about the success (or lack thereof)?


I personally believe they are providing a useful alternative
for people with Parkinson’s who are interested in 
finding ways to feel better. There is a large body
of information on their website that is interesting
and informative.

I also know they offer group sessions as do
we at Jump Start, though the focus, content
and delivery differs considerably. We look at
Parkinson’s as an issue involving a number of
factors (toxins, nutrition, trauma, pathogens).
They are much more focused in their approach
as I understand it. 

I have heard many reports from people who have
participated in their programs. The feedback 
jumps all over the place and reports are mixed. 
It is clear however that some people have found
relief from their symptoms or have found techniques
that are helpful.  

I hope others who are familiar with their program
will comment on their personal experience below. 

We have observed that most people are actually
not aware that they are getting relief from their
symptoms. Just because someone says a program
did not help does not mean that is true necessarily.
It is very difficult to track yourself when there are
so many symptoms that come and go. 

I created the Symptom Tracker program so that
anyone with Parkinson’s can track their
symptoms over time. You simply go to the website,
enter any name (so you can not be identified and
the information is confidential) and answer a
39 item questionnaire. 

You initially get baseline results. Then, you visit 
the website in a month or so and (using the same name
to log in)  answer the questionnaire again.
The program gives you an immediate report of
how your symptoms have shifted over time.
You can print out the results and show them
to your doctor.  

System Tracker is free. Your past data are
always stored under the user name you give
so you can track yourself over time.

Just be sure and give a user name that
can not be connected to you in any way. 
The information is known only to you.  

I suggest that if you decide try any modality, track your
symptoms using Symptom Tracker.  We invite
everyone who participates in Parkinsons
Recovery programs to use Symptom Tracker so they can
monitor their own progress for themselves. 

If you join us in the Parkinsons Recovery Chat Room Mondays
(I participate from 9:00 am – 10:30 am pacific time) you 
can ask anyone else who is present about their experience
with the Santa Cruz program. This type of feedback from
people who have actually participated would clearly be
helpful to you at this point. 

I also want to say that everyone is different.  
Responsiveness to any specific modality – I do
not care what it is - will differ. 

For example, Sally reports to you that therapy A was the
holly grail for her. Sam reports that therapy A  gave him 
no relief and was a waste of money and time.  Down the
line Sam reports that therapy B is his holly grail, 
while Sally says it is a waste of time for her. 

We encourage people at Parkinsons Recovery to collect
information about all the many alternatives that are
available as you are doing now.  I encourage you 
to experiment with those that you are called
to and see what happens. 

The recovery program that will succeed for you
in the long run will be tailored to to your
situation, fit your personal needs and
satisfy your preferences.

Have fun searching.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery 

 © 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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