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I would love to listen to your station. how do I go about that?  I live in Phoenix, AZ and have had Parkinson’s Disease since I was 54. U have had the symptoms about 10 years before being diagnosed by the medical industry. Have no clue how I got this disease. Of course my life as I knew is no longer.  Medications help a little but the side effects are the pits.

I have not met any-one in the Phoenix market that will help with out wanting a lot of monies.  As you know any chronic medical problem will financially break you. The naturpath’s I have gone too have really no recovery steps.  Of course the medical industrial and insurance companies do not recognizes this recovery path, which is a mistake.


The radio station is an internet station which means you can listen from anywhere in the world. There are two  ways to listen.

First, you can call 347-945-5358 and listen in during the show.  The call in number always stays the same and the program airs  every Thursday at 11:00 am pacific time.

Second, you can connect through your computer by visiting the following web address:

There is also a link to the radio program on the right side of this posting. If you miss the live program you can always download any of the programs to your computer (the MP3 files) for listening at a later time. Or, you can download the MP3 file to your IPOD and listen while exercising (or doing other things).

The radio program Thursday (July 16th) is a question and answer session with John Coleman. John is a naturopath doctor from Australia who himself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1995. He is symptom free today and helps other people now find relief from their symptoms.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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