BioAcoustics Sharry Edwards

Bioacoustics Sharry Edwards from Sound Health Options is the pioneer in using analyses of the frequencies emitted by your voice to assess and treat imbalances in the body. After 30 years of work with a variety of conditions, she has focused for the past several years on evaluating people who have been diagnosed as having Parkinson’s Disease.

Her results reveal that BioAcoustic protocols can influence the reversal of Parkinson’s symptoms including tremors, muscle spasms and strength, and the loss of olfactory function. Their intention is to use these positive outcomes to help people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons support their own body’s self-healing potential using Vocal Profiling software and evaluation.

Sharry Edwards will be presenting her findings in person at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico in February. Join her in Santa Fe for an experiential workshop to help you identify the Many Faces of Parkinson’s which include: Lyme’s, Tetanus, allergies, inflammation, Stiff Man’s Disease, inability to process glutathione, lack of B5 functionality, color stimulation, sulfur stress and others. BioAcoustics Sharry Edwards finds that Parkinson’s a catch-all phrase used to dismiss a myriad of symptoms that can’t be otherwise clarified or managed.

Attend the workshop in Santa Fe and learn how to evaluate the root causes and relationships of Parkinson’s symptoms to genetics, trauma, inflammation, medications, cell signaling, biochemicals and their corresponding receptors. Nerve regeneration, muscle status and nutrition will also be demonstrated in this hands-on workshop. If you are interested in identifying the causes of your symptoms, her workshop is an event you will not want to miss.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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