CCSVI and Parkinson’s Disease

Hi, I’m Italian. My husband has suffered from Parkinsons Disease since 2009. He’s 56. He began his drug therapy 1 year and a half ago. We visited the best neurologists in Italy but we know that drugs address symptoms but do not take definitely address the underlying reason for the illness .

I’m writing to your forum to know if there is someone with idiopathic  PD who has also got a dignosis of CCSVI ( Zambony protocol) as in my country is only studied the connection between CCSVI and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

If there is anyone who can give me information, perhaps in the USA or in Canada this kind of research or studies have already done or experimented (with angioplastic surgery….)

Thanks for the answer



Researchers have identified a connection between the restriction of blood flow to the brain (as evidenced by the condition known in medical science as CCSVI) and the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Clearly, any rejuvenation of brain cells requires an adequate supply of oxygenated blood. If this supply is restricted, the body will obviously struggle to form new neural networks.

Gord Summer, one of the 11 contributors to the 2012 release of Pioneers of Recovery, suspected that a restricted flow of blood to his brain might be contributing to his own symptoms. Doctors confirmed his suspicion. Once the blockage was cleared with surgery, many of his symptoms reversed.

Gord will be offering a workshop at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Cincinnati this summer. You will find contact information on the Summit website:

I am quite certain he would be pleased to share his own experience with you.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

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