Pain and Parkinson’s Disease

I am in the first stage of Parkinson’s disease, but lately I have excruciating pains on both my shoulder. The neurologist said it is not the disease. I am wondering if it is arthritis or what



Clearly, the pain in your shoulders is present and creating a significant challenge at this time regardless of whatever name that might be attached to it. I think it helps to acknowledge your body is sending out a signal that something is out of balance and merits a little tender loving care.

I think it is wise to let the doctors apply labels to what is happening which is necessary for them to prescribe medications. That is what they are trained to do.

Do people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons experience excruciating pain too? Yes, some clearly do and it is one of their primary symptoms. To acknowledge this, I invite you to click on the category to the right of this blog entitled “Pain” and you will see a number of other people have written in with a similar question. Of course, you will also see the responses I have formulated, which in general suggest a number of approaches that have been successful for other people.

There are other options that can be entertained which involve delving into the underling cause of the pain.  For example, consider the possibility you are taking on too much responsibility on your shoulders. That would certainly create the pain that you describe above. Once you have some idea of the underlying cause of the pain – you can pursue therapies that are well equipped to address the problem.

Know that there are many options available. You are invited to read some of the other discussion on pain here by clicking on the category pain to the right. Keep scrolling down – this post will be at the top once you click on the category to the right.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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