Coenzyme CoQ10 and Parkinson’s Disease

What brand of coenzyme Q10 is the one that is best to pass the brain barrier?


As you are well aware, this is a huge issue. Naturopath Doctor Laurie Mischely from Seattle has a lot to say in response to your question. She argues that it is a waste of money to purchase low quality CoQ10. Many people shop for the best price thinking that they are getting a good buy for the same product. In actuality, they are throwing their money away.

Dr. Mischley recommends several brands in particular that she believes are worth the cost. They do cost more money. Both are waifer like tablets that you melt under your tongue. I defer to her expertise and judgment. She has extensive experience working with individuals who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

To get the full details listen to the two radio shows with Dr. Mischley which aired back to back last June. They are well worth taking the time to hear from start to finish. You can download the radio show page from the Parkinsons Recovery radio show network:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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