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I listened to your interview with Dr. Rhodes of course with great interest.  Having spent a cruise workshop with you, I felt your sincerity and passion for pd recovery and the desire to spread helpful information on approaches.  Of course “caveat emptor”…yet I’m curious as to your screening criteria regarding interviewees…I know I would feel very responsible to a listening audience if I found that, e.g. after the interview, an interviewee was less than legit.  Certainly it would take more than an anecdotal experience to sway me one way or the other.  It would be appreciated to know your process.

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My spin on any treatment is that it works for some people and not for others. There will never be a treatment – whatever you call it –
that works for everyone.

I too really have problems figuring out what to believe these days. If you search long enough, you will find something out that falsely claims any legitimate therapy a scam.

How do I figure out who to have as a guest on my radio show? I get references from people with Parkinsons who write me that they would like to know more about a therapy or tell me about a therapy that has helped them. It is actually a pretty straightforward process. I figure if something helped one person it is worth investigating. I figure if someone wants more information about a therapy, I can help. That is consistent with the mission of Parkinsons Recovery. I am really a very curious soul and open to all possibilities.

No – I do not ask that the therapy be systematically evaluated. This type of evaluation takes decades. I am not willing to wait. We need
the information now.

My approach is to open the door to all approaches. I also use my own intuition as to what is worth pursuing. This one certainly seemed interesting and worth a show. His scientific argument seemed logical to me.  I personally liked his explanation. It makes good intuitive sense to me.

I do know that they are getting grants to pursue a formal investigation of their technology. I also know that they have applied to the Fox foundation twice. People who are scam artists do not apply for grants from the Fox foundation. I do know that he is serious about evaluating his technology, so we will be able to see eventually whether it has any merit.

During the show he offers several self help techniques you can apply on yourself that cost no money. That seemed to be information that is helpful to everyone and is free.

If people get his treatment and it is not helpful or is helpful – I can have them on the show as guests. Anything is possible.

There are hundreds of therapies out there. The trick is to use your own guidance to figure out which ones are worth pursuing for
yourself. Sounds like you know this one is not for you – so look elsewhere. This approach is so new it is probably worth waiting a bit
to see how it sorts out.

As I stressed during the Parkinsons Recovery cruise workshops – check in with your body and see what your body says. Your body will always give you the right answer.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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  1. PD is in my opinion an electrical energy malfunction in the body. Don’t know why, but I first realized that my wife had a serious health issue while performing a demonstration for some school children concerning electrical transmission power lines. After dark while holding up a 4 ft. flourescent tube, the tube, [when the holder walked under the power line] would illuminate bright enough to be noticed at night. The children did it, but it would not illuminate for my wife. We all had on the same types of shoes. Touching my wife with one finger would cause the tube that she was holding to instantly come on, and off when the finger was removed. Have told several physicians and a parkinsons researcher, but no one was interested in this. It is pretty important is my thought. Is anybody interested in this as a possible research avenue?

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