Discounted Fare on the Parkinsons Recovery Cruise to Alaska

I have just finished a conversation with Trucky Robertson who is handling all of the travel arrangements for people who have signed up to join us on the seven day Parkinsons Recovery Cruise to Alaska which departs Seattle May 3rd. I arranged for the early departure date because the rates are unbelievable bargains.

I had originally thought that the low rate would be revoked January 1st, but the cruise line has extended the offer of the discounted rate until February 12th,  the final deadline to take advantage of the discounted rate. The contract Parkinsons Recovery has with the  cruise line is a rate of $699 for the seven day cruise. That is only $100 a day for seven days which includes food and of course lodging and entertainment.  I quite frankly do not know of any vacation you can take anywhere for $100 a day.

The scoop on the cruise is here:

Parkinsons Recovery activities and workshops on board the cruise are free to all who join us. Our mission is to jump up the pace of every one’s recovery.

If you are thinking about joining us but can not decide, call our travel agent Trucky Robertson

(360) 987 – 2333.

I do not know how much the fares will jump after February 12th, but if you think you might join us, the best strategy is to sign up and buy travel insurance. That way if you are unable to join us, you can get a full refund. Obviously you can sign up after February 12th, but I am told the fares will be higher.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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