Gift of Hope

The following e-mail made my day today! I received Melanie’s permission to post it. I am practicing how to better to accept and receive compliments.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

I’ve been reading your book “Road to Recovery” and it’s wonderful, a wealth of information.  You have done so much for humanity, especially those who have an illness and have been given a doom and gloom diagnosis, as most doctors do.  You have given “hope” to the world and that is everything!!!!!!!!!!! I will be eternally grateful to you Robert for giving me the life giving “hope” needed to move forward at a time when I had almost resolved to give up.  You’re the BEST.  The medical profession needs a lesson on how devastating it is to have hope taken from you, with that gone, you are doomed to failure.

Thanks again for all you do.  Your contribution to a world of people with devastating health challenges (and steadily increasing) is HUGE!!!!!!! I truly believe your work is deserving of a Nobel Prize.

Thanks for the gift of life,


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