Harmonic Healing at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit

Judith Lynne is my guest on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show today. She has elevated the potential for healing using the voice to a new level. She has used her gift to help reverse her own Parkinson’s Symptoms and now helps others do the same.  This video was taken at the 2011 Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Vancouver. The best news of the week is that Judith will be offering a workshop at the 2012 Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Cincinnati.

Judith takes her experience as an opera singer to a new level with her work as a harmonic healing for persons currently experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s. This is a truly novel approach that employs the powerful modality of sound as a natural, safe and effective therapy. For more information about Judith Lynne’s incredible with with harmonic healing, visit:


Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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